Welcome to the Euphonium!  You have made a great choice!  Follow our video on how to hold the euphonium, how to form your embouchure, how to play your first 6 notes, and how to play your first song!

Here’s a fingering chart that you can use for Euphonium and share with a Trombone player friend!

Fingering Chart-page-001


If you want to practice without the video, here’s both the Treble Clef and Bass Clef music for Twinkle, Twinkle on Euphonium.  I know the music says baritone – Baritone music and Euphonium music are the same.  Sometimes your parts in band will say Baritone and sometimes they will say Euphonium.  That’s okay!

Twinkle TC

Twinkle BC


And finally – the next most helpful thing:  The Overtone Series Worksheet for Euphonium!  This is the exact same exercise we did on Trumpet earlier with the exact same valve combinations.  This will be an incredibly helpful tool to learn your way around the Euphonium and learn which fingerings give you which notes in bass clef.

Overtone Series Euphonium