Overtone Series

Here, you can learn more about the Overtone Series.  This will help you understand partials across all brass instruments.  First, watch the video (with a trumpet in hand).

This worksheet is designed to help you find the partials that should be most comfortable for you as a trumpet player.  Play through this Overtone Series Worksheet so you can familiarize yourself with which fingerings can make which notes on your instrument.

Overtone Series Total

Awesome!  Now, you’re going to switch to a low brass instrument, which reads in bass clef.  But the same valve combination is going to give you the same concert pitches!  The science behind all the brass instruments is the same!  If you want to learn more about the overtone series, this graphic can help.  You can follow the overtone series up to 16 partials!  The overtone series can also show you which notes tend to be sharp and which ones tend to be flat.

Overtone Series Pitch Tendencies