Welcome to the Trombone!  You have made a great choice!  Follow our video on how to put your trombone together, how hold the trombone, how to form your embouchure, where the slide positions are, how to play your first 6 notes, and how to play your first song!

Here’s a fingering chart that is very helpful for trombonists switching from trumpet.  It shows underneath each trombone position what the Euphonium (and trumpet) valve combination is for each concert pitch.  Print this out and keep it in your band folder!

Fingering Chart-page-001If you’d like to practice Twinkle, Twinkle without the video, here’s the sheet music for that as well:

Twinkle Trombone

And the next most helpful thing – the Overtone Series Worksheet for Trombone!  This is an identical exercise to the one we did on trumpet earlier, and is very helpful for learning how to get around the Trombone.

Overtone Series Trombone