Welcome to the Tuba!  You have made a great choice!  Follow our video on how to hold the tuba, how to sit correctly, how to breathe correctly, how to form your embouchure, how to play your first 6 notes, and how to play your first song!

Here’s a fingering chart for tuba.  Remember – it corresponds directly with concert pitch was for your trumpet fingerings.  If you need a refresher on how to read bass clef, you can check out this page.You should print this out and keep it in your folder!

Tuba Fingering Chart-page-001

If you want to practice Twinkle, Twinkle without the video, you cant print that music out here as well:

Twinkle Tuba

And finally – the last and most helpful thing:  The Overtone Series Worksheet for Tuba!  This is the exact same exercise we did on Trumpet earlier with the exact same valve combinations.  This will be an incredibly helpful tool to learn your way around the Tuba and learn which fingerings give you which notes in bass clef.

Overtone Series Tuba